Top Hats and Tails 2019


L to R Sabrina, Erin, Ashley, Stacy, Abi, Jessica (the Electric City Pittie Committee Board)

On Friday, May 17, 2019 we hosted our annual fundraiser. Last year, we re-branded the event as “Top Hats & Tails” with the intention of changing the feel and making it a little more of a “formal” fundraiser evening. We weren’t quite sure what to expect this year when we did EVERYTHING a little differently than we have the previous 4 years. We knew it would be a success no matter how it looked, but we weren’t sure if we would see new faces there or lose some of our consistent faces from previous events. We didn’t know how the flow would work out in the new venue, and we went from doing absolutely EVERYTHING ourselves to hiring folks to help us out (namely the food and bar).


We made “check-in” a little more formal and our volunteer paperwork goddess Liz kept us straight throughout the night. She had a system down and when it came to getting things organized after the event for our files, she made it SOO EASY. Chris manned the wine ring toss and every year he is there to jump in wherever we need him. To everyone who cleaned up tables and did dishes, sold merchandise for us and helped us finish up at the end of the night, we absolutely can’t thank you all enough. We couldn’t do this without you… and I am really sad that we neglected to get a picture with all of our volunteers! You are what makes us able to do what we do.

Saibeen’s Kitchen catered dinner for us, and it was FANTASTIC! We were a little unsure of how everyone would feel having a catered dinner that was so different than the typical event meal, but we couldn’t be more grateful for Saibeen! Her food and presentation was amazing, her attention to detail was wonderful, and she is genuinely the kind of human being you just want to spend time with and get to know better. 27913325_220364168538337_527918612686865821_o

To Mari, Mary and Jory from The Beacon Bar, thank you for all of your hard work, packing in the bar and handling all of that for us. We were very grateful to have you there and provide a variety that we couldn’t have done on our own.


To our amazing sponsors; first, Ed and Alissa Hewitt of Montana Wattles , we are so thankful for your support every year over the last several years. Ed and Alissa have jumped in and sent a sponsorship check every year to help support our fundraiser event. We were so glad to finally get to meet them in person this year when they made it down to join us! (P.S. don’t know what a wattle is? check out their site.)

Secondly, Fetch Pet Boutique. Ashley and Fetch sponsored a good portion of the catering cost. The Generous donation from Fetch made it possible for us to plan and cover the upfront costs of our event.

To Melissa Dascoulias and Rod Chaon for blessing us with their talent for a second year in a row, and donating their time to do it! We appreciate you guys more than you know! *muwah!*


To our 2 photographers for getting some fantastic photos! Corinna Dahlman for manning the red carpet and getting some really fun photos of everyone! To Allison Heikkila for getting the great candid shots during the event. And to both of them for volunteering their time for us as well!

As far as our evening went, we had a wonderful time and we hope everyone who joined us did as well. We want to thank local businesses who donated as well as individuals. After Image Metal Art, Pizazz, Scheel’s Great Falls, Roadhouse Diner, Eklund’s Appliance, Fetch and Jessica B Dog Training, Forde Nursery, Whiskey Bent, Ivers Unique By Design (formerly Roger’s Jewlers), Sam’s Club, The Pit Stop, Four Roses Distillery, Red and Howling, Cakes by Carr, Loreen Skinner (Pottery for Homeless Pets), The Good Wood Guys, Sweet Pea’s Dream Makers, WRK Woodwork, Nails by Les, Darrin Schreder Photography & Design, Kelly Redmond, Laura Carlssen- Pampered Chef Consultant, Erin Matury- Norwex Consultant, Pam Lemelin, Darcy Wilkinson, Karen Macklin, Kristin Heikkila, Amy Barberree, Adonna King, Cindy Rapstad, Emily Sieger, Alissa Hewitt, Kyleigh Heims, Amy Kintzle, Lizzy Whitmore and so many more!

Please give our supporters and donors some love. Support their businesses this year, and join us in thanking them for supporting us through 2019.

We can’t wait to see how this grows in the coming years and we appreciate every single one of you!

One comment

  1. · May 25, 2019

    1. Excellent write-up and expression of gratitude to everyone who helped!
    2. Today I learned what a wattle is!


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