2018 Auction Gratitude

This year is fast on the move and May is coming to a close. We want to extend a “Thank You” to each and everyone of you who has supported us in any way over the last year.

Our 4th annual fundraiser and FIRST annual “Top Hats & Tails” came to a culmination 2 weeks ago. We were so blessed by the amazing support of our community in way of donations, advertising, willingness to hang posters for us, volunteering to set up, serve, man a table or a game, coordinate food service, beverages, take pictures for us or tear down at the end of the night. If you provided entertainment, (*ahem Melissa Dascoulias and Rod Chaun) created amazing art for us or spent a single dollar of your hard earned money at our event, we want to express how much we appreciate every single bit of it.


Over the past year we have really branched out in our education services and we are so excited about the direction the Pittie Committee has taken. For those of you who know us well, you know that we are so driven by effective education. We are motivated by seeing responsible owners and safe communities. We are so giddy when kids come to us and tell us that they remember working with us, loved our dogs and have learned how to interact with dogs appropriately. We want to make such an impact in our community and you are the driving force that is helping us achieve dreams. Really. Over the last 12 months we have hosted a companion animal CPR event, we have been teaching positive dog interactions in Elementary Schools, the Boys and Girls Club, the MacLean Animal Adoption Center’s kids’ camp, City of Great Falls Animal Shelter’s Pet Palooza and Bully Breed Training Program, Youth Dynamics staff training, parent participation preschool and Cascade County Aging Services staff training. All of this has been along side our normal pack walks, movies, fundraisers, one on one interactions and monthly meetings. Coming up, we are going to start branching out more with Youth Dynamics and working towards a close-knit partnership to create safe homes for foster families with dogs and foster children coming into those homes. We are working on some other programs with the folks at Youth Dynamics that would incorporate dog interactions with foster families, we will keep you up to date when we start looking at getting those programs moving. We have a lot of irons going all the time, and hopefully we are going to need help soon! We are also planning a 2 day exploratory with the kids at East Middle School during their exploratory days at the end of the month and we are excited to get the full 2 days to work with the kids!

The funds that you guys help us raise every year help cover the cost of things like printed materials, educational materials, prizes for the kids, training aids, refreshments at pack walks, organizing community events and occasional travel. Occasionally we bring in speakers from outside of our community and will cover the costs of their travel or venues.


The support you given us has allowed us to already do more than we could have imagined in our humble beginnings. 5 years ago, we were a table full of printed materials and some bumper stickers talking to anyone who would listen. Now, we’re still a folding table full of printed materials and bumper stickers talking to anyone who will listen, but we also get to get out into the community as an organized group of people and awesome dogs, teaching people how to create safe environments no matter the breed of dog.


We can’t begin to say thank you enough.


Come join us at our upcoming community events!

May 19 – Pack Walk Gibson Park Bandshell                          10:30 AM

June 7 – Monthly Meeting Location TBA                                                6:30 PM

June 9   – Pet Palooza (Great Falls Animal Shelter)             Elks Riverside Park 11:30-4

June 23 – Pack Walk Gibson Park Bandshell                          10:00 AM

July 5 – Monthly Meeting (This date may change to accommodate holiday plans)

July 14 – Pack Walk Gibson Park Bandshell                            9:30 AM

Aug 2 – Monthly Meeting Location TBA                                 6:30 PM

Aug 18 – Pack Walk Gibson Park Bandshell                           9:00 AM

Sept 15- Pack Walk Gibson Park Bandshell                            10:00 AM

Sept 29 – Pack Walk Gibson Park Bandshell                          10:30 AM


This is just the next 4 months, folks. And the board has more on the books for training, education and positive dog interactions. We are busy! If you are looking for volunteer opportunities we will have a few needs in the upcoming months.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page for additional events and opportunities to jump in and join us!