2017 ECPC Art Auction!

It is the first part of June, the 3rd Annual Art Auction is in the books. We have so many people to thank and so many reasons to be grateful. The feel to the art auction this year was a bit more polished than it has been in the past and we were so thrilled to watch it come together. We have the most amazing support in our community and our volunteers and sponsors are always there for us in the best ways!

Our board member, Rikki put her love of flowers, her arranging experience and her great eye to good work and took on the centerpieces for this year’s event. The flowers were spectacular and Rikki’s touches really made the place feel like spring and added a real touch of class.

Several weeks ago, Kristen of Blue Sapphire¬†Photography took photos of several ECPC dogs and we were able to show off some local pitties and highlight Kristen’s work at the same time!

We had fantastic food from Penny’s Gourmet to Go, Jimmy John’s, Clark and Louie’s and Terryiaki Kitchen and beer from The Front Brewery. As usual, the Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art was beyond accommodating and worked with us every step of the way to help create the event we were working toward. Tables, chairs, linens, set up, tear down, audio/visual hooked up and even help promoting our event with their social media posts.

We had amazing volunteers who were there to help with every step of the process. Planning, preparation, set up and every minute during the auction. We are so, so, so appreciative of the folks who come to support us, and help us pull these kinds of things off! Stacy, Karen, Joe, Stasi, Sarah, Autumn, Bobbi, Koree, Tim, Darcy, Britt and everyone else who popped in on us, helped clean up, helped set up, hung up posters, gathered up donations, manned a table, took a payment, folded a shirt or straightened a table… we so appreciate you all!

We had amazing art donated by some really amazing Artists! Chaz Pahach, Courtney Geary, Loreen Skinner, Stacy Hill… just to name a few. Without you guys and your amazing generosity, we wouldn’t have an event to host every year!


About 5 years ago, the art auction idea was born of a common vision with Ashley, Erin and Crystal. We all had a vision of promoting pit bull type dogs in a positive light through a medium that spoke to all people. Every piece of art may not be for every person, but every person loves some piece of art! We have been so grateful to have watched this event blossom each year.

If you missed the event, we certainly hope that you will join us next year! Thank you so much to all of you who showed up! We look forward to seeing you all at our upcoming events. Watch our facebook page for events, updates and information.

Photography Courtesy of Autumn June Photography

Photos from Electric City Pittie Committee Facebook of featured art

Photos of Electric City Pitties by Blue Sapphire Photography