September Meeting Notes

Happy September to all! Where did our summer go!? It ran away from us far too quickly. Now that the evenings are coming sooner and the air is getting crisp, we are planning for the fall and even into next year.


September meeting was kind of a long one, we had so much to talk about!

Last pack walk of the year and Pit Bull Awareness Month kick off
October 1, 2016
Elks Riverside Park
Wear your ECPC gear if you have it, and join us for a great afternoon of socialization!
*Pack walks are not just for pibbles and their people- we welcome all dogs. And most people. If you want to join us but don’t have a dog to walk, touch base with us, maybe someone needs a hand walking one of their dogs, we can connect you! You don’t even have to have a dog to join us!*

National Pit Bull Awareness Month


National Pit Bull Awareness Month Movie
This year we are opting to show “The Champions” Documentary again.
Champions Poster- Web
For those of you who came to the theater in March to see it when we were able to be a part of the select screenings on the Big Screen, you know what a wonderful, positive, uplifting story this is. We want to share this movie with the community again. It is definitely worth a second watch! If you’ve seen it before, round up some friends and join us again!
Location: We are hoping to be back at the Paris Gibson Square Museum for movie night. We will keep you updated as we lock in our location!
Friday, October 21, 2016 7pm
Empty movie theatre




We have been brainstorming some ideas to help you all see our posts on social media better, we will keep working on this. Facebook tends to limit what we all see based on how we use our facebook “Likes”, comments and followings. We want to make sure we can get information to you all appropriately and not have to rely just on Facebook to get it out there. If you are reading our blog, please subscribe so that we can notify you of our updates via email!


Our 501(c)3 application process is well underway. And our goal is to be completely filed and registered by the end of 2016. We are very close and this is a very exciting step for us!



Volunteering- We need YOU!
Volunteers needed

As active as we are, we have realized that the ECPC needs to be a better volunteer resource for our community. Are you interested in Volunteering? We want to put together an ECPC volunteer group who would be willing to do things like volunteer at local spay/neuter clinics, help out at the shelter, work with local and state organizations who might need some help effecting positive change in legislation, just to name a few that came to us right away. We are asking to put together a roster of folks that are interested. If that’s you… please let us know!

Our current need is a few volunteers from the Pittie Committee folks to help out on Thursday, October 6 with the Humane Society’s Cat and Kitten spay and neuter clinic. Please contact us!




Do you have a Gentleman in your life? Need a birthday gift or a Christmas Gift? Click above to get yours  here! We can ship if you’re not local, we don’t mind.

Show your love for your pittie with our limited edition tanks. These are so cute and are great for every day. The gym, the office and the grocery store all seem a little more fun with this simple printed tank. Click the pictures to get yours here. Again, we can ship if you’re not local.


Put this on your calendar

Don’t forget, each month, we have a monthly meeting to plan and discuss upcoming events and the direction of the Electric City Pittie Committee. We want to hear from you, work with you and get to know you. So mark your calendars and watch our Facebook page for any changes to our meeting times. Unless otherwise specified, currently our meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm in the coffee shop at Barnes and Noble.


It is almost time to start thinking about the Art Auction again! (How is that even possible?!) Do you know anyone who is looking for a way to expose their artwork and would be interested in participating? Send them our direction!




We appreciate your feedback and your ideas. Please feel free to comment, email or come to meetings with ideas. We want to hear from you!



  1. Karen Macklin · September 6, 2016

    Erin, Jeremy, Rikki, Jessica, and Ashley- YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!! The hours you put in, the education you provide, the support you give….unbelievable. Our community, and most importantly, our local pets all benefit and, on their behalf, I thank you!! Please put me down on your volunteer list 😀


    • erinkecpc · September 6, 2016

      Thanks Karen! And as always, we are so blessed to have the support of you and your family. You guys are wonderful and we truly appreciate you!


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