The ECPC marches onward!

Over the last several months the ECPC has been toiling over our 501 (c) 3 application and the processes involved in getting a tax-exempt status that will open doors to us for so many additional opportunities. I’m not even going to pretend that this is a fun process.


Jeremy finally took over the application process because my eyes start crossing after staring at the documents for hours. “Have you ever, will you ever or do you ever plan to: _____?” heck! I don’t know!  We haven’t purchased any property for the ECPC yet, one day we might like to, but currently we don’t have any solid plans to (yet). How does one answer all of these “have you ever, will you ever, have you considered, do you think one day you might want to leave this door open for your organization?” questions and keep our options open for growth in a way we hope we haven’t begun to realize yet? Well, you over-analyze and drive yourself crazy, that’s what you do. You beg help of any of your family or friends who have gone through the process before and you become more grateful for someone who has done 7 of these than you ever thought was possible. At first glance the application and required documentation is overwhelming, but bite by bite, document by document, signature line by signature line, things start to come together. Our biggest goal this year was to file our 501 (c)3 application and “legitimize” the ECPC. We are well on track to meet that goal this year with the dedication of our board. I am not even going to pretend that 4 years ago when I first put a logo on a banner and showed up at the Animal Foundation’s Strut Your Mutt in 2012 that the ECPC would ever be here. I was one person on a mission to give others like me information to help them stand up to prejudice. Little did I know that there were others out there ready to join the crusade and help move my vision forward. I am not going to say that I don’t have big dreams for the ECPC, I have HUGE dreams for the ECPC and I feel like we are moving along slowly, growing with each other and learning how to operate as best we can within the confines of our small budget, our large dreams, and our time limitations.

I feel like 2016 just started! Harriet showed up in January and has been a big part of our year. The Champions Movie in cooperation with Best Friends Animal Society and The Humane Society of Cascade County began its march in February and hit the screen in March. The Art Auction was a huge success this year and we were so humbled by the donations, the time and effort everyone put in to helping us pull that off again this year.  The Legislative discussion regarding 2017 session Anti-dog fighting language was in June, although we didn’t have a packed house, we had a really insightful evening and we are so grateful to the Humane Society of Western Montana for coming to Great Falls to give us the opportunity to effect change. Pack Walks have been great this year! We are really enjoying seeing new faces at each and every walk this year! We still have a few months left in 2016 and we have some things coming up that we really hope you’ll share in with us! October is Pit Bull Awareness month, and we intend to start the Month off on October 1 with a pack walk. Please mark your calendars and watch for specifics!

National Pit Bull Awareness Month

Don’t forget this week is meeting week as well. For those that want to join the Board for our monthly meeting, we will meet on Thursday, September 1 at Barnes and Noble in the coffee shop at 6:30. Come meet the board, come have some input in where we go next and what is on the agenda for this fall, winter and even into next year.


meeting day


Don’t forget to order your tees and tanks!



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