2016 Art Auction success!

This year’s art auction was a huge success and we can’t thank all of you enough. We were surprised to see some of the pieces sell so low, but excited to see the things you guys got really competitive about. There was some super “engaged” bidding going on in those last 10 minutes! We are so grateful to have had each and every person who contributed in some way with this endeavor. From the artists, to the volunteers, those who donated, those who moved tables and chairs, those that helped us spread the word through social media, the local newspaper, the local news channels, those who came and bid, those who came and donated, those who came and colored, those who ate and shared time with us; we appreciate all of you!

Last year, we were so blessed to have some corporate support to help us get this “art auction thing” off the ground. Best Friends Animal Hospital, F&L Pet Resort, Jackson Utilities and the Humane Society of Cascade County all contributed to help propell the Pittie Committee into our unchartered waters to help us make our way into the future. We are forever grateful for all of their support! This year, however, we didn’t reach out for corporate support, we wanted to do this “on our own” (fiscally, anyway). Last year the art auction itself netted around $1800. That amount is what we have been working with for printed materials, community support, etc. This year (drum roll please), the art auction brought in $3705! (Wait… what?!) You more than DOUBLED what we brought in last year! We are a little shocked, to be very honest with you. We knew we had some fantastic art and some amazing supporters, but Lordy, Lordy! You guys know how to make this little group feel supported!


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