Single female seeks forever companion

Young, dark haired gal with soulful, mocha eyes is seeking someone who enjoys long walks, cooking together, watching movies in bed and taking a spin down a dirt road together. Enjoys quiet, down time as well as the company of good friends equally. Loves to give hugs and believes that hugging is a whole body contact sport. This also translates to cuddling, but don’t get any ideas, guys! She’s not *that* kind of girl. Slow and steady is the way to her heart. Very athletic, takes her figure seriously, but loves her couch-potato time. Easy to get along with, but prefers to be the only object of your affection.




Harriet Photo by Matt Ehnes Photography


Now that my people have told you a little about me, let me tell you about myself. My Name is Harriet, at least that is what I go by these days. That is what the nice people call me, and I figure, why fight it? Back in January, I was cold, hungry and scared. Really scared! My last people took me to a place on a dirt road where I thought I got to run and play, but they left me. I was scared. I was alone, and I didn’t know what to do. I looked for nice people, but I wasn’t sure if all people were nice. I found a house and went inside. It was nice. I was warm, and there was a bed for me to sleep on. But, I scared the people, and they scared me. I ran when they tried to catch me. I ran fast and far. I just wanted to be safe, but I was scared. I went back later that night and went in through the cat door. I found a chair to lay in, and the people came home again. I wanted to trust them, but I wasn’t sure. They used the little lighty thing that they carry around in their pocket. They talk into it sometimes and the tap on it with their people-paws a lot. I don’t know what it is, but the people used it to talk to some other people. Some of the same people that I ran away from earlier that day came back to see me. They talked softly to me, they gave me stuff they called “sausage”. I don’t know what it was but as hard as I tried to ignore them and hope they would go away and wouldn’t see how scared I was, I just couldn’t ignore the yummy meat stuff anymore! The tall man with the long hair, he was my favorite of the people right away. When he tried to go outside, I thought “I should follow him! he will keep me safe! I just know it!” So, I left with him and went to his house. His woman person is pretty ok too. She loves on me and she feeds me and walks me, but she is kind of bossy. Always “Sit. Stay. Don’t jump on me. Don’t chase the kitties. Be nice to the doggie on the other side of the fence.” I didn’t know a person could have so many rules! But she’s ok to cuddle with at the end of the day. I’ve met lots of nice people since I have been with the tall man and the bossy woman. People who walk me, and teach me how to be a nice dog. I thought I knew how to be a good dog, I really did! But I am learning so much and I really want to do the things that all of these people say make me a good dog. I try really hard not to chase the cats and the little fluffy dog on the other side of the fence, but sometimes I just can’t help it. For awhile when I came to the nice people’s house, I was sad. I wasn’t happy all the time, just happy when they were petting me and staying with me. It makes me really nervous when they leave. I’m learning that they always come back, though. They have these really bright colored roll-y/bouncy things that they call a “ball”. I don’t care what they’re called. They’re fun to chew on and chase. They said I will be good at fetch, but I don’t know what that is. All I know is that they say they know that the perfect person is out there for me somewhere. I like the sound of “The perfect person”. It makes me happy. I am working really hard to be the perfect dog for the perfect person. Is that you? The nice people say my perfect person is an “experienced dog person”. What does that mean? I think every nice person should be a dog person. But that’s ok. They also say that my perfect person will let me have the run of the house and especially the bed. They say I deserve to be a princess and should not have to share. I kinda like that idea. They say my perfect person will be home a lot or take me with them. I don’t understand why the perfect dog and the perfect person would ever want to be away from each other. If you want to meet me, take a nice walk and get to know each other, you can contact my people at or or on the Pittie Committee Website. They cry about me occasionally. They worry that my perfect person won’t find me and they might not “try hard enough” to find my forever person. I am sure that they will. Can you help the nice people spread the word about me? I will do my best to be the good dog they tell you I am. I swear it.

XOXO, Harriet. (The peoples say the XOXO means hugs and kisses. I like hugs AND kisses…)

P.S. Big thank you to Matt Ehnes for making my pictures look so good. The Bossy Lady says that he made my pictures as pretty as I really am. You can see more of his pretty pictures here.

*Harriet speak translated by Erin (AKA the Bossy Lady)


This has been a busy few months in 2016 for the pittie committee already. In all of the whirlwind and excitement of the last few months, one of our own is facing a life saving procedure, soon. Some of you know our board member, Rikki. She has been an active supporter of the Pittie Committee since we were the Itty Pittie Committee. Not only is she my dear friend, but she is one of the driving forces behind the scenes. Several months ago, she and her husband adopted a beautiful blue boy they named Phish. Phish is the dog everyone longs for. Seriously. Phish is happy and playful. He is relaxed and content. He loves everyone and everything. He is confident and outgoing. He is naturally obedient and people pleasing. He is a big goof and a big Love. When Phish went in to be neutered, the Vet noted a very noticable heart murmur. Phish was taken to a cardiologist and came back with a diagnosis of “moderate Pulmonic Stenosis”.


With proper precautions and appropriate medications, he was safely neutered and closely monitored by his Mom during surgery. (Its cool, she worked there.) At his scheduled 6 month follow up with the Cardiologist, it was noted that his condition had worsened. Significantly. His grade is now “Severe”. This came as a shock to his people-parents, his vet, the specialist, and all of us who know Phish. You would never know that this little boy’s condition is worsening. He doesn’t have the clinical signs and sympotms we would expect to see for a dog with such an pronounced stenosis. In layman’s terms, Phish is in heart failure. For many of us, this is where we draw the line, we talk about hospice care for our furry kids, we keep them comfortable and we let them know that we don’t want them to be in any pain. At Phish’s young age, the thought of losing him so early is not an acceptable option for his people. They gave the “go-ahead nod” to his specialist to call for a consult with the specialists at Washington State University. Then came “the call”. Phish is a candidate for a procedure that can provide him a normal, healthy life! Phish is scheduled for his procedure at the end of March. His people mom will travel with him and stay close while he is at the hospital. The cost of his procedure will be between $3,000 and $4,000 plus travel expenses. Phish’s family isn’t independantly wealthy, but they are willing to do what it takes to keep him healthy.

What is Pulmonic Stenosis?


In a normal heart, the Pulmoric Valve allows adequate blood flow through the assocaited chamber. In a Dog with Pulmonic Stenosis, that valve is essentially always closed, forcing the heart to have to beat with extreme pressure to contract the heart enough to foce blood through the valve to supply the body. The muscles of the heart can’t truly relax after the contraction to allow the blood supply to properly fill back up to push through the body on the next heart beat. This condition causes the heart to have to work so much harder, but the blood flow to still not be sufficient for the body.

To read more about Canine Pulmonic Stenosis, check out these resources:
Animal Emergency & Referral Associates Pulmonic Stenosis brochure

Pet MD Pulmonic Stenosis Congenital Heart Defect

Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine Pulmonic Stenosis, diagnosis, conditions and treatments


If you read through the links above, they all reference the procedure that Phish is headed to the Washington State University Veterinary Hospital for.

What does the procedure consist of? In short, the Vet will thread a balloon up through an artery, into the heart. When the balloon reaches the occluded valve the balloon will be blown up forcing the valve open to a more normal position.


As with any procedure done with a patient who has a compromising condition or disease, there is an elevated risk associated with the procedure, as it will be done under anesthesia. Even with the elevated risk of the procedure, Phish is young, and strong and would be a good candidate.

We are standing together with Rikki and her family while we send prayers and positivity to them, and to Phish along his journey. We wish we could help their family financially as well, but the Electric City Pittie Committee doesn’t have the funds to cover the cost of Phish’s procedure. Please join us in supporting this amazing family. If you would like to donate to travel expenses or toward the cost of Phish’s procedure, please follow the links on our website.

Electric City Pittie Committee Phish Phundraiser Page


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#TeamPhishPhace – Join us in helping show Phish and his family some love!




I feel, for some reason, like I need to throw this out there…
Phish’s people did not ask for help, nor would they. They would never ask others to help them take care of their responsibilities. This is something that we, as the Electric City Pittie Committee want to do for them. Donations are great, but prayers, cards, get well wishes, facebook drop by’s at the Electric City Pittie Committee page are all very welcome. We are #TeamPhishyPhace!
Phish is the purposeful product of irresponsible breeding. His condition is the direct result of poor breeding pairing. Money was the name of the game in breeding Phish’s litter, not quality genetics, and Poor Phish found himself getting the short end of the genetic stick, so to speak. We are so thankful for Phish’s amazing little personality and we love him and his people!



The Champions Online Raffle!

champions raffle

We can’t think of a better “Date Night” than coming out to support “The Champions” screening on March 9th! We have put together a raffle prize worth $115. 2 Electric City Pittie Committee Hoodies, 2 Electric City Pittie committee T-Shirts, 2 tickets to “The Champions” screening and a $10 Carmike gift card. Raffle tickets are available on our website.

If you are planning on coming to the showing already, please don’t wait to reserve your tickets! Seating is limited, and in order to lock in the showing we have to pre-sell a certain number of seats! Raffle entries are available immediately by clicking on the link above or going to 

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For each raffle entry your name will be entered in the drawing that number of times. Winner will be drawn at 8PM MST on Monday, February 29th. Already have your tickets or are planning on coming anyway? Enter to win the goodies and bring a few friends with you when you win!

Raffle proceeds will go to the Electric City Pittie Committee and support our community outreach efforts.

Each raffle entry purchase will receive a confirmation email from the Electric City Pittie Committee within 24 hours that your entries were received and your name has been entered.

We’re looking forward to giving away some gear and seeing you at the screening!


Congratulations Megan Kasuske!

“The Champions” March 9, 7pm

Champions Poster- Web

We are so excited!!!!! We can finally share the news with you!!!

On Wednesday, March 9, 2016 you will want to clear your events calendar to make time to see this film. The Electric City Pittie Committee, The Humane Society of Cascade County and Best Friends Animal Society have teamed up to co-host a one-night screening of this documentary at the Carmike 10 Cinema in the Market Place shopping Center. We are buzzing with anticipation to see this film, and we hope you will be there to join us!

The Champions is an inspirational story about the pit bulls rescued from the brutal fighting ring of former Atlanta Falcon’s star quarterback Michael Vick, and the organizations who risked everything to save them, despite pressure from PETA and the Humane Society of the United States to euthanize the dogs. It is a story of second-chances, redemption and hope. This uplifting documentary takes us on a journey about much more than just dogs- about prejudice, being misunderstood, the power of resilience, and the significance of the relationship we as humans have with animals. Featuring the life-saving work of Best Friends Animal Society.


Follow this link to watch the trailer for “The Champions”

The Champions

Please consider reserving your tickets early! There are a limited number of seats available!

Buy tickets here

We can only ensure that this viewing will continue as planned if we can pre-sell enough tickets. Please don’t wait until the last minute. Buy your tickets now! Additional tickets will be available at the door as well as long as we have pre-sold the required number of tickets no later than March 2nd to secure the reservation for the showing. Tickets are $12.50 each (standard general ticket pricing for the Carmike 10 theatre).


Please watch our facebook page, website  and our blog for additional information! We are so excited to have this opportunity to share with you! Please help us fill the seats!

Great Falls, MT was chosen along with 17 other Cities across the country to view this screening. Cities like; Washington D.C., Louisville, KY, Boston, MA, Kansas City, MO, etc…
This is HUGE for our little community (in comparison) to receive this kind of opportunity!

Can’t wait to see you all there!

The Electric City Pittie Committee





Spring is Gearing Up, and So Are We!

Empty movie theatre

The Electric City Pittie Committee, in association with the Humane Society of Cascade County are excited to be partnering (With the sponsorship of a big Name) for a movie-going experience that shouldn’t be missed! As soon as we are able, we will give you all of the details. BUT; for now, just mark your calendars for Wednesday, March 9, 2016 at 7pm. You will want to join us at the Carmike 10 Theatres in the Marketplace shopping center for this opportunity!  Clear your appointments, block off a few hours and DON’T miss this…

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Some of you may recognize some of these faces and can guess where we are headed… I am bubbly with anticipation as to when I can release the details… Keep following us and watch for our special announcements!!

Harriet the broken hearted

As I am writing this, I am truly trying to make sense of this crazy world in my head. The world is cold, it is cruel, it is impatient, it is judgemental, it is instant-gratification and microwave oriented. (Or at least our culture is.) It is also incredibly caring, self-sacrificing, giving, patient and loving. I hope I can choose to belong to the latter.


I would like to preface this story with a little disclaimer: The Electric City Pittie Committee is not a Rescue. We do not actively take in dogs needing to be rehomed or animals needing some behavioral redirection or emotional rehabilitation. We are strictly an education and advocacy group.

On a chilly Friday in January, Ashley, one of our founding board members, got a call for help in regards to a beautiful little pittie who had taken up residence in a house that didn’t belong to her. She liked it so much she didn’t really want to share. When Ashley and Jeremy attempted to catch her, she bolted and went on the lam. Later that night, we got a call… she is back, and getting a little too comfortable. We coaxed her out of their home with some time, patience, summer sausage and jerky. She was scared. Petrified, really. She was emotionally shut down and frozen in fear. She was a bit reactionary. God only knows what she had been through that put her in a strange house seeking comfort, only to find strangers and anxiety. When we got her home, a snugglebug emerged. A beautiful girl with soulful eyes who was broken-hearted and desperately seeking the affirmation and loving acceptance from a person. She relaxed (a bit), she slept, she ate, she was warm, and for what might have been the first time in a long time, she felt affection.

She rewarded us with her undying devotion. She was so devoted that she was willing to bloody herself and destroy kennels to get to us. So devoted that she would bark for hours on end screaming bloody murder that she wasn’t near us that we wondered if people were going to think we were making live sacrifices to an ancient paegan God. When she is with us, she is gold. She is at ease, she lays at feet and snuggles on the couch. She lays quietly outside the kitchen while you’re making dinner, she relishes the full body scratches and the belly rubs. She looks at you with big, brown adoring saucers for eyes. Her muscular frame is deceptive of the warm heart inside of this dog. What we have found, however, is that she is a bundle of anxiety. She has a high prey drive. If it is smaller and fluffy, it needs to be chased. She guards her food, not from people, but from other animals. She needs to eat alone so she knows no one will take her food. Although, she would gladly share it with her humans. She feels no pain when there is something standing in the way of her being with her humans. She will gladly cut her body and squeeze through cracks too small for her frame, to reach what she desires more than anything in the world… acceptance and love.


I don’t dare assume what might have happened to her in her previous life. Prior to finding a place to be and hoping for nothing more than people she loved and trusted to be waiting in that home for her, only to be disappointed and hurt when she found strangers. No matter how kind, they were not her beloved people. I don’t dare assume that she was “abused” (at least not physically) as her body was in fantastic shape. She is athletic and muscular, she is well exercised and not famished by any means. Her brain is another story… She can’t talk, so we can’t ask her why she is so nervous all the time. We can’t ask her why she insists on chasing the small fluffies or refuses to be content in her kennel.

We consulted with our vet and we found a medication that is managing her anxiety fairly well, but she is still laser focused on the other animals. Still slightly obsessed with her relationships with people. Still a little too guarded. Still a little too anxious. Life in her head must be maddening. What must she be thinking? How must she be feeling? How did she end up seeking comfort in someone else’s house? How scarred is she? Can she trust? Can she ever be trusted?


We look into these eyes and we see the love she so desperately wants to give. We love her back, and we do it with structure and patience. We are growing to adore her more and more every day, knowing full well that she can’t be a permanent member of our home because of our existing pack and considering their needs. It is a delicate balancing act with her right now, trying to learn what is repairable with her and what is rooted so deeply we won’t be able to move past it.


Why am I putting all of this out there? Because this is what happens when someone makes a commitment to a dog and isn’t prepared to keep it when it becomes inconvenient. We are working on the theory now, that she was dumped out where she was found, and not just lost with people desperately looking for her. We have been actively putting information out all over town in the hopes that we would find her people. No such luck, almost 2 weeks later. This is a dog who is a lot of work. A lot of trying to figure her out. A lot of structure and training is necessary. Sometimes dogs, like kids are naturally well-mannered, and sometimes, they take a lot of guidance and supervision to create a good member of society. Socialization, training, veterinary guidance and supervision aren’t options when you take on the responsibility of a dog. They are the foundations on which a good doggie citizen is built. When these things aren’t provided constantly, you end up with a dog like Harriet. Now, whoever her people were, they worked hard with her. She knows her basic commands, she walks well on a leash. She can sit and even stay for a period of time. She is, however, a ball of nerves. I know that separation anxiety is taxing. It is exhausting. It is maddening. (for all of us- including the dogs) But if she was left to fend for herself, to find shelter and food and scrape by to live, that is about the cruelest thing you could do to a domesticated animal. If she managed to escape and they just aren’t worried about finding her, they have let her down in a huge way. Who knows what could have happened to her if she ended up in a different house that night. And if she was given away to be “someone else’s problem” then that is right up there with outright abandonment.

Harriet deserves better than whatever led her to be where we found her, and how we found her. Harriet deserves a home and the structure and discipline and love she so desperately craves. Harriet is a product of her previous environment. She may have been born with some packed baggage, but whatever her circumstances were, she was never able to unpack it. Now, as an adult, she has landed with us. Leaving us to try to untangle the web that is her brain. Help her attempt a life of normalcy. Try to find her some new people who understand her (or are willing to do everything within their power to try), and help her through her own limitations. We find ourselves faced with some very serious questions to ponder… can she be rehabilitated? Is there a home out there who wants to love ALL of her? And last, but most certainly not least, and not without serious consideration, does she have any quality of life if the above answers are no? We don’t appreciate someone putting us in the position to have to make these decisions for their dog. But in the end, we will do whatever is necessary to do whatever is in her best interest, and we will work hard for her. Although I don’t know what her previous people did or didn’t do for her, in the end, they let her down. We can only hope that we continue to do better by her than that.