The Electric City Pittie Committee begins to blog!



As the ECPC reaches out to new areas of electronic and social media impact that we haven’t ventured to yet, we are attempting to add information by both blogging and and a pittie committee specific website. We are slowly meandering our way into the 21st century. Don’t mind us, it has taken us awhile. Now that we are here we would like to thank you all for stopping by to check in on us. We will be utilizing the blog for a number of things. We will be providing updates and information regarding monthly meetings and events. We will be posting educational and informational blogs with links and attachments to supporting research and education. We will be letting folks know of our monthly happenings and maybe even starting a newsletter and posting our monthly meeting notes. Please stay tuned to the blog page for new publications! The blog will be accessible through the Pittie Committee website as well once the construction of the site is all done!

Thanks for taking the time to join us here and watch for our next blog posting!


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